Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Why Should be a Registration Fee in Great Art Event?

If you read this posting, I beg your pardon since I didn’t mean to offend any institution. I just want to state something I have in mind and also some international artists who had intention to follow SERES’09 event in Eskisehir. I read some statements written by the artists which in general they were surprised about registration fee in SERES ’09.
From my experiences in following several international events, I never found any registration fee to follow the events. Some strict terms and conditions for me were good to assure the competency of the event, and I could accept them with some negotiation in here and there. In my opinion, the registration fee would make the ‘sacred’ event would seem commercial and reduced the quality of the event since skilful artists with bad financial condition certainly would find hard-way to follow the event, moreover if you needed 300 euros to follow the event (If I’m not wrong, the registration fee for SERES’09 is 300 euros). Wouldn’t it a great loss for the event?
At last, I try to collect positive reasons so that I could think positive about the registration fee. The registration fee was a useful tool to increase the quality of the event and also insurance for the artist’s accommodation along the event. The event would run well and the artists were served great along the event. I think it would be reasonable. Besides, international event would be a huge media to express the artist ability and also introduce his/her name in international community. So, it would be a fair cost.


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