Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Among Asian countries, Indonesia a little bit rare to have chance in creating international event in art. This event would answer the judgment. Supported by State University of Malang (Universitas Negeri Malang), there would be an exhibition held in City Library in May 15th 2009. Some international ceramic artists would take part in this event. The event has one unique theme: “Peace”. The theme would be explored and presented through artwork, especially ceramic.
As one of the participants, I would presented a figurative relief described about Rama and Shinta from Ramayana Epics. Why Rama and Shinta? In this competitive global era, we were often faced by social phenomena where our society focused on materialism. What happened was people try to reach the material with all their strength so that they forgot the value of wisdom. It is the source of heart disease like egoism, envy, and greedy. The growth of the attitude is the root of dispute, competition, and war. People lost their sense to understand each other, accept one another and sincere in receiving what life has given. Through this two dimensional ceramic artwork, I tried to dig back the local wisdom of the past formed into the sign of Rama Shinta relief, where the roman of Rama and Shinta expressed the understanding, supporting, harmony, and love in facing life. The value has long forgotten and if it was formed back, it would create peace. Life in peaceful nuance is a beautiful life.
Lastly, I hope this event would be success as expression media for various ceramic artists whether from Indonesia, or from abroad.


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