Sunday, May 3, 2009

01 Becoming a Wealthy Traditional Artist - Basic Capital of Traditional Artist – Heart, Brain, and Skill

To be great successful traditional artist, we should owe certain basic capital. They are mental attitudes that guide us to success. Our basic competences that would support us as traditional artist which made us special, different from the others.

The basic capital of traditional artist are:
1. Heart
Art is close related with heart. Our heart should have sense of art. We feel something beautiful, aesthetic, comfort, and excellent by heart. That’s why heart and sense are important for an artist. We feel our emotion and the art’s emotion into one harmony with heart. Heart made us possible to feel the greatness or luxury of an artwork or art perform.
2. Brain
Brain is the leader of the action. The creator of behavior we need to make an artwork. Brain lead us to make a logic and reasonable actions related with art, so that we could create an art with certain precision, shape, and expression. The Experts of self-development stated that we are what we thought. So what we thought is really important for our action. All of us have a certain target in doing action. Our thought would lead us into right direction.
3. Skill
Without skill, our taste of art and our knowledge about form would be useless since we couldn’t express what we want into an artwork. Skill is important factor. No matter what art you do, all need skill to express the value of art. Somebody may have talent, but skill is found through a long way of journey, experience and practice. I have my skill now by spending hours, days, months, and years to practice making various shape of ceramic artwork. Skills don’t lie. It shows your experience, knowledge, and long way practice. Even a story told that the legendary painter, Picasso, was asked to make a sketch by a noble woman. The noble woman was surprised since Picasso asked a high price for the rough sketch which he drew only for some seconds. She asked, “How could you ask such price?! … The picture were only took minute to be drawn…” Picasso calmly said, “No lady, I have passed twenty years to make the picture…” Picasso realized that his skill was not become his instantly. He took long painful years to have it. Whatever art you focused on, still you should practice for better skill.

Those three factors are the most important things should be owed by an artist as a base that guaranteed their success. At least in their art performing, they would be success. The other things would follow one by one, but three of these should be owed first to be a real artist.
The unity of heart, brain, and skill could make any imagination possible, in this case, your imagination of prestigious artwork or art perform. So don’t forget to make the three of them into your self-properties


Saule Kalysheva said...

Thank you for your posts and inspiration. I am ceramic artist beginner from Kazakhstan. And on the early stage struggling to find answers to a lot of questions. I will try to use your advises! I think you are doing good job!

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