Sunday, May 3, 2009

02 Becoming a Wealthy Traditional Artist - Be Rich in Idea

Be Rich in Idea and You'd be Rich. Almost all pioneers, whether in science, business, or art focused on the importance of idea. It means that we have to be creative. Making something new or making something different could attract people's attention.Idea brought us to the new level of understanding and chance, especially in art, where everything came in mind first before it became an artwork or art performance.But how could we be rich in idea?...

I would take an example from my dimension, Ceramic art. In finding idea, I did these steps, and I hope these steps could also help you in finding new ideas, in any art application.
1. paying attention to the environment around you
The best idea source is the environment around you. If you don't mind to stop for a while, pay attention to the environment around. What can we do to make it more beautiful, comfort, or just different. While you think of that, it would bring new perspective to you which would be the basic of new idea you could apply. One of my artwork titled "Reaching of No Hope" came from my anxiety while seeing the social-politic reality. In the artwork, I describe people who fought hard to reach a stair, but there was nothing in the top of the stair.
2. don't forget the history
The past would bring many inspiration to you. In my artwork making, I looked at the ancient history, local culture in the past which was rich and full of unique moments and properties. It often became my basic idea in creating artwork. ancient temples, tomb, or ornament were pure inspiration for me to be presented in this modern era. One of my artwork, "Against Evil" was inspired by the old ornament of the temple, described the Ramayana fragment where Rahwana was attacked by Hanoman and the monkey army.
3. search for new knowledge
Idea could come from the wide knowledge we owed. It would be great if you are learning continuously about everything. Wide-knowledge could bring us many idea to be developed in making artwork. From the development of knowledge, I have idea to make aquarium from ceramic which have art taste and health for the environment.

The three little-tips above brought me to new understanding and inspiration which would be benefited in making artworks. Whatever art you worked on, I'm sure the simple steps could bring you new ideas in art. Idea is the basic of art creation, so it would be great if you try to develop ideas by the steps I suggested.


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