Wednesday, May 13, 2009

04 Becoming a Wealthy Traditional Artist - Vision and Action

You might hear before. Vision and Action. Both of those terms should run together. In art, making creation without vision would be messy. In the contrary, vision without any action would be a daydreaming. Nothing happened. So, to be successful ceramic artist, you have to apply both, vision and action. I would give a description about applying both terms.
1. Vision
In making artwork, the most difficult part for me was finding the clear vision about what kind of artwork I would make. Here I considered all aspect, starting from theme, material, and process. When I got idea about making certain artwork, I kept it in my mind, I considered all things related to the idea. Just say I want to make a ceramic statue. I would imagine the philosophy behind the statue, how I express the philosophy into the statue’s form. I imagined how the looks, expression, signs in the statue that could represent the philosophy, etc. Then I tried to build the statue in my imagination. What material it would be formed, how it would be seemed, how the process to make it come true. I imagined it so strong so that I felt that I could touch the artwork, felt it textures, smell it, and watched the color very clear. This is really important process. It’s true that some people said that everything was created twice – once in mind and second in reality. When I found the clear vision about the artwork I would be made, I started to take action.
2. Action
If I’ve already have clear vision about the artwork I would make, I usually had no trouble in making it come true. Skill is the most powerful tool that helped the artwork in my mind come true. That’s why for beginner, practice is really important. I should say that there’s no skill find in one day. Every achievement was reached by long efforts. Don’t dream that in one day you could owe new skill without doing anything. Skillful artists found their ability through long career, experience and practice. It would be so important for you to repeat basic skill in any art without doubt, since it is the base of a great skill. With skills you could construct any imagination you have about art. Your work would be easier when you took action to do that. With no hard effort, we could create and express an artwork as we imagined in our vision if we’ve already have the skills to construct the artwork. Persistency was the most important thing here to construct a raw material into fine artwork.


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