Friday, September 25, 2009

Jinan 7th International Expo 2009 - Culture Park for Culture Exchange

In July 26th to 30th 2009 I followed an activity abroad, that was in Jinan Province – China. I was a design supervision/consultant to give advice for park as East java Participation in 7th China International Garden and Flower Expo Event. My participation in the program was to fulfill the invitation from China Government to East Java Province for the program participation.
About March, Jinan Province through Jinan Mayor with the Committee came to Surabaya offered the program to East Java Province. Next, East Java Government appointed Batu City Government to choose Park Designer also presented it in front of committee in Jinan, Meeting Public HallEast Java Province Office.
My concept and design was considered as interesting artwork to be formed in 7th China International Garden and Flower Expo program. Since my design has its own uniqueness which described the ethnicity of local-culture combined with agro-tropical nuance, describing the beauty of nature united with East Java local culture. That’s why my theme in this event were East Java Agro-Local Culture Miniature Park.
The interest brought Jinan representation serious to ask my participation as supervision in the design, so I should go to China in order to make it come true. In this program, the committee gave chance to choose whether I create them myself or leave it to the committee, in which I have role as designer to give some advice and presented in the park-making. In this, East Java government ordered me to be designer and gave some advice to develop the design, where I should go to China to give advice and additional elements which could not be done by Jinan’s Park worker.
So I went to China as designer and conceptor to Jinan in July 26th to 30th and I had gave some advice and additional elements, those were East Java’s dancer statues. The statues made of fiber-glass. I also directed the placement. I also give suggestion about the park working condition which had done by the committee with changes in technical and conceptual.
In September 2nd 2009, the event would be open in the same time for the public through ceremonial opening by the local government, inviting each participant from the countries involved in the event. In this event, my artwork was considered as one of the best by Jinan government, so that the Municipal Government and the Committee gave certificate stated that I had invited in 7th China International Garden and Flower Expo event and my artwork was considered as one of the best.
The government hope me to be present at Jinan in the ceremonial event to present the East Java culture in the park. It would be shown at the gazebo, like doing traditional statue-making, batik making, and doing ‘Wayang’ show as part of cultural activity. It is planned to be a unity in park concept, between park and East java activity in East Java park.


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