Saturday, May 2, 2009

00 Becoming a Wealthy Traditional Artist - Preface

One of my biggest desires is to share my knowledge about how to get wealth in traditional art. From what I’ve seen, at least in my own country, Indonesia, traditional artists were a group of people who truly care about Indonesia’s original arts. They were lack of attention and admiration, lived in poor condition, battle to survive, and what they thought only how to maintain the traditional art from the ancient ancestors.

I want to stand and fight the condition!
I want to prove that we don’t have to be poor artist. We could have a better condition. We could be rich in the same time we maintained and developed traditional art. What the benefits we got if we become a wealthy traditional artist?
Well, first of all, certainly we would have enough money, which mean that we have more option to do something. If we were rich, we could use our richness to build some facilities in order to maintain the traditional art. It is better than becoming a poor artist who couldn’t do anything to develop the art, here especially ceramic art.
If we were rich, we could be a motivator. We would be role model for anybody else. There would be more persons who care about the environment than we do. It would be benefit for the company. Everybody would watch us as an example. Pioneer of success. So, more benefits we gave to the society.
We could also eliminate a stigma that traditional artist was rarely become a rich person. So traditional artist is not a good work today. Wrong! I’m sure if we loved something that much, there could be many possibilities for us to get benefit from the hobby. I mean that if we love traditional art, there also some way for us to be success and rich in the scope.
Here I would reveal some steps and basic personality I applied to be successful person. Am I a successful person? Well, I myself prefer to say that I still chase the top of the world. But nowadays, at least I never worry about financial condition, I have facilities I need to make an artwork and production, I also visited several countries as art ambassador. I satisfied with myself, and I hope you will too.


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