Monday, April 13, 2009

Future Exhibition in National Gallery Jakarta Indonesia

About next month, I will attend exhibition held in National Gallery Jakarta Indonesia. The exhibition would be attended by local ceramic artists from Indonesia. There I would exhibit one of my artwork. It is terracotta creation titled “Kenduri di Tumpeng Terbalik” (Celebration of Upside down Ceremonial Yellow Rice Cone).
It is a description of partying people who eat ‘yellow rice dish’, but the people who got the most part are the powerful people. While ordinary people fight each other to get the end of reversed ‘yellow rice dish’. It is a symbol of injustice in society where powerful are always get the most part.
This kind of Terracotta artwork is formed in installation artwork of 15-20 fighting people statue at bamboo cane-work with reversed cone shape. The statues would be installed in climbing position at the bamboo cane-work. It described a group of people who fought for ‘upside down yellow rice dish’ (in reversed cone shape). The upper position statue are just small amount, while the lower part which close to the end of reversed cone are many amount. It described unfair distributed justice. Who has power got more part, while ordinary people only got a few part of the ‘reversed yellow rice dish. This terracotta artwork is made by earthenware material with pinching technique and unglazed burning technique. After burning, the statue’s shape would be displayed in installation artwork with bamboo basket cane-work in reversed cone shape supporting media.
Wish me luck on this future program.


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