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A.Indonesian Local Culture as Base
1.Cultural Treasure of Nusantara (Indonesia)
In Geographic, according to cultural growth evaluation, Nusantara (old mention for Indonesia) could be told owning a geo-strategist area. There was a reason behind that term since geographical position of Nusantara --
as mention; Nusa means the island, archipelago, laid between strategic positions, those are:
a)Between West cultured Australian continent and East cultured Asian continent.
b)Between India and China which in the past were Culture centers in Sea Silk Road Line.
At that position, Nusantara became center for cultural diffusion, also became a center of cross culture. The culture diffusion and Cross Culture process happened along Nusantara’s journey. Since Prehistoric era, Precisely at cultivation and pre-craft periods there have been two waves of culture diffusions from Indo-China to Nusantara, which became successful in enriched cultural treasure of Nusantara compared with previous period (a period of hunting and collecting food-stuff). At the start of Christ (Masehi) till at least XV century, cultural influence of Great India and Chinese colored the cultural shape of Nusantara at a period of Hindu - Budha. Later, during the same time, since XV - XVI century until now there were influences from : ( 1) Islam culture from West Asia, primary from trade contacts:, 2) European Cultures especially Dutch, Spain And Portugal through colonialism and imperialism, and also, 3) cultural element from all over the world since The Independence of Indonesia. Outside Cultural wave influences which acculturated and adopted by local society formed a cultural layer and created a colorful shape of Nusantara Culture.
Nusantara Geo-strategist laid in intersection between region and located in the middle of cross section between regions (culture area) that made it as melting pot for various cultural elements. Cross Culture and Cultural Mixing happened : 1) Between regions or ethnical cultures in Nusantara which was Multi-Ethnics ; 2) among external and regional cultural or foreign culture which has changed into local culture ; 3) among foreign cultures; and 4) combination among things. Such cultural growth and development Process were enriched the cultural treasure of Nusantara and progressively enriched by its archipelago geographical form. Because at previous period, those large regions grew by itself, because of the effect natural isolation, formed the region and tribe cultures which has various kinds. When inter-regional communications and traffic got easier by the technology development, cultural contact and inter-regional cultural mixing existed more intensive, moreover after those regions integrated into frame of The Unity Republic of Indonesia

2. Contemporary Art Based On The Local Culture
There were a lot of cultural bases which can be alternated as bases for profile seeking and contemporary art development. One of them was local culture. The Local Cultural sculpture can be show the ethnic cultures, but can be only cover the smaller area scope to, that are cultures sub-ethnic or even certain community in the region. The local cultural world, as a former description: (A.1)can be the form of pure inquiry from local society, or also can be in the form of focal culture enriched by goodness foreign culture nor other region culture pass the cultural contact, diffusion, acculturation. etc.
With the whole cultural properties, the local cultures have potency to be made as resource for seeking and artistry development for the sake of nowadays ( contemporary). A tot of matter which can be bailed from that, for example: (1) idea, artistic concept and idea; ( 2) local substance for the production of artistic, and also (4) alternative design. In case that way, modern foreign culture is not the single potential source for seeking and contemporary art development in a region or state. This matter because of local culture (as there are various region in Nusantara) owning potency which do not fail abundance, likely represent the " water source which have never run dry to be bailed''' for that importance.
Exactly from that local cultural source, pass the creative actor hand touch, can be attended a swan song owning: (a) characteristic (individuality), (b) unique in meaning differ from other, (c) the culture root caused pass by quickly the generation and looked into urgent. (d) Friendliness with the consumer's candidate because have been long attending in environment's, and also good relevance with the local condition, local requirement and also cultural background and enthusiasm's. Contemporary art have been attending being based on the local culture not felt as an enforcing, not viewed as a foreign goods, or at least enough familiar with the consumer's candidate.

B. Transformation of Past Culture for The Importance of Present Day
Old world Culture could be differed into various perspective depended an importance manner attached to it. Through the Tri Kala classification (past, nowadays, coming), the old culture at least earn in perspective into: (1) old world culture; (2) old world culture for the benefit of now; and (3) old world culture to welcome the importance of a period to coming. If a terminology" contemporary" highlighted by as an importance nowadays, so passing as in perspective above, cultural elements of past which is to our hand have been opened wide opportunity for the transformation of to fulfill immeasurable of an importance in present day.
Transformation non transferring cultural form from a period to next period, than one place to the other place, from an importance to the other importance etc. in existence's of. in this case, there is space for actor to do the transfiguring to art which transformation, good to adapted for new importance, enthusiasm of consumer candidate, new environment and or for the shake of periodic enrichment. The Meaning there is space for actor
creativity. Exactly with this creative touch, art which transformation own the value more if compared to previously, namely become more relevant with the enthusiasm of requirement consumer or new function's and also new condition's and become richer.
One of art form which transformed is coming from old past culture, which transformed for the importance of present day culture. In bearing of the importance of creative touch by including local payload, so the local condition, the local importance, the local appetite and enthusiasm represent the consideration bases to include the local payload, so that happened the local creation or local development. At this rate so the art which transformed not merely as according to present day importance, but at one blow according to also with the condition, enthusiasm, local requirement and appetite.

C. Contemporary Ceramic Art craft Based On The Local Culture

The local cultural source can be in the form of the ethnical cultural idea source or archaic (old world cultural), there are in the region. The art forms bailed from second of the cultural source can be transformation or tidy repeat to become the relevant art forms with the present day importance, so that created a contemporary art being based on the ethnic art and also archaic . One of kinds of ethnic art and archaic which nowadays is ceramic art of craft. Its result in the form of contemporary ceramic art of craft being based on the ethnic art and also archaic .
In the process of ethnic transformation art and archaic become the contemporary ceramic art of craft, an artistry play role important, that is as; ( 1) exploratory for ethnic art elements and archaic transformation become the contemporary art; (2) creator, the one who gave creative touch to ethnic art and explored archaic , (3) transformer, the one who transform cultural ethnic element and explored archaic which created for the importance, enthusiasm, and also appetite of present day condition, and also as (4) communicator, the one who create contemporary art which the creation could be accepted by local society citizen.
In the contemporary ceramic art craft, the modernization could be connected with substance, technique, design or function, so that an actor require to create substance, technique, design and function. By the creation of various mentioned factors there were possibilities for new shape that have difference by form, technique, substance and function from the beginning. But the contemporary ceramic art craft itself still showed bases of profile seeking and developed local culture, which one of them came from past culture. So that there enough reason to express that contemporary ceramic art craft presented a red yarn between present day and old culture. It could be seen from my artwork titled "Against Evil (the Destruction of Rahwana by Monkey Soldier lead by Hanoman)". The basic idea was taken from one of scene in Ramayana tale which was described in Panataran temple of Indonesia.


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