Thursday, April 9, 2009


Ceramic had known for long ago in whole world and also Indonesia The ancient people had also used ceramic as media to express their religious sense. For me, ancient the ancient cultural background which had acculturated with Indonesian local genius culture was an idea source which had to be dug and created for recent aesthetic expression.
Ceramic artwork to express religious sense had known in Indonesia in time of ancient Kingdom. It was formed in the shape of temples, figurative decoration, and statue in the whole Indonesia, which owed deep religious sense. The artworks described gods, religious leader, and Kings who were considered as the reincarnation of ancient gods in animism faith. When Islam entered Indonesia, ceramic was still used as media to express their religious sense in the mosques and Islamic schools.
Ceramic artwork for idealism aesthetic expression could be seen from one of my ceramic artwork titled ”Against Evil”. This artwork’s idea came from one of the action in Ramayana fragment pictured in Penataran Temple from the great ancient Majapahit history (you could see the attachment picture).
Where from the idea for the art expression? There were a lot of cultural bases which can be alternated as bases for profile seeking and contemporary art development. The Local Cultural sculpture can be show the ethnic cultures, but can be only cover the smaller area scope to, that are cultures sub-ethnic or even certain community in the region. The local cultural world can be the form of pure inquiry from local society, or also can be in the form of focal culture enriched by goodness foreign culture nor other region culture pass the cultural contact, diffusion, acculturation. etc.
With the whole cultural properties, the local cultures have potency to be made as resource for seeking and artistry development for the sake of nowadays ( contemporary). A tot of matter which can be bailed from that, for example: (1) idea, artistic concept and idea; ( 2) local substance for the production of artistic, and also (4) alternative design. In case that way, modern foreign culture is not the single potential source for seeking and contemporary art development in a region or state. This matter because of local culture (as there are various region in Nusantara) owning potency which do not fail abundance, likely represent the " water source which have never run dry to be bailed''' for that importance.
From the local culture ceramic artist could create artwork which are: (a) characteristic (individuality), (b) unique in meaning differ from other, (c) the culture root caused pass by quickly the generation and looked into urgent. (d) Friendliness with the consumer's candidate because have been long attending in environment's, and also good relevance with the local condition, local requirement and also cultural background and enthusiasm's. Contemporary art have been attending being based on the local culture not felt as an enforcing, not viewed as a foreign goods, or at least enough familiar with the consumer's candidate.
From what I described above, ceramic could be used as media to express religious sense and visual aesthetic sense. The idea could based on rich local culture which inspired us to express our sense.


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