Friday, April 10, 2009

Future Park Exhibition in Jinan

This year, if everything run well, I would participate in Jinan Park Exhibition. Actually I don’t have much information about the Exhibition since my participation will be arranged by China and Indonesia Government. As far as I knew, China government representative personnel visited me in Indonesia to see my concept about cultural park. I have a vision to make a park based on combination of Indonesian culture characteristics, especially East Java.
East Java is a province in Indonesia which owed various natural resources and various cultures. It has philosophical and aesthetical value. The various natural resources have interesting thing to be formed into park element. The natural resources also have aesthetical visual contain, whether from color aspect, shape, and texture. It could give extraordinary character if the park/landscape artist could process them by considering exterior design aspects. The natural aspects would be more interesting and unique while combined with potential East Java local-culture elements in exterior landscape artwork unity. Local-culture elements from the past could be presented in modern landscape context which would be different than the other tropical landscape outside East Java. Certainly, it needs aesthetical sense and technical ability to create both elements. That was I often said as “ability to combine / innovate” the landscape elements which consisted of hard elements and soft elements, whether consisted of rock or ornamental elements, architectural elements, and statues. All of them could be taken from the past culture of East Java, since East Java in the past was the source of Majapahit Kingdom and some other great Kingdom center of development which had given enrichment for East Java local culture elements. By the combination of East Java local culture elements and park resources element in tropical region could create special uniqueness while presented in international forum landscape.
In this park creation, I was inspirited by the park condition where I lived, like in Batu village with mountain natural condition, waterfall, and bamboo bridges connected one village with the others. Also my living place architecture which had Java structure, house surrounded by rock, path from river coral, water whispered from a river, the green trees, statues in front of house which was a temple replica, etc. Combination of natural elements and cultural elements are so important in East Java landscape artwork creation so that it would enrich the park creation in Indonesia. The past uniqueness like high temple architecture, ‘andesik’ coral elements, and statues from East Java temple sites like Dwarapala and Ken Dedes, Majapahit flower vase, divided temple’s gate, they are all the specific East Java elements. Combination of those cultural elements with natural view aspect like mountain, banana’s tree, and water fall to river are the natural portrait of East Java which came from the view of Batu City, Malang, etc.


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