Tuesday, June 14, 2011

UK International Ceramics Festival 2011

Artwork Concept for Demonstration:
"Terracotta Ceramic Mask Dance of Human Face Characters"
UK International Ceramics Festival

by Ponimin Indonesia

 In Aberystwyth, I plan to perform a ceramic Mask Dance and Ceramic Music Instrument Playing. The dance came from philosophy about the true characteristic of human. Human has different attitude which reflected in his/her face. Anger, happiness, sadness, calm, wisdom, and patient.

There are some good characters and there are bad characters. These characters I would like to present by ceramic Mask Dance. Indonesia has philosophy which showed relation between human and soil, the major material which composed ceramic.
There is a belief that human made of soil, so there is a mythical connection between soil and human. Ceramic, as elements made by soil, could reflect the whole human. So here, I put expression of human characters through ceramic masks to keep the mythical essence.

I would open the perform with ceramic music instrument playing, where I would play some musical instruments made of ceramic, then the music would be continued by music from CD record. At that time, I would perform the ceramic mask dance. The movement I do would be reflected the characters as described by the mask I would wear.
The perform would be closed again by musical instrument playing.


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