Saturday, June 4, 2011

2010 2nd International Biennial Exhibition of Contemporary Teapot Art

At April 27-29 2010, Shanghaitrg, an art institution invited me to an Exhibition titled "2010 2nd International Biennial Exhibition of Contemporary Teapot Art". Although there were some internal conflict on the Exhibition, thank God everything was running well, and I was given chance to exhibit my artwork, "TIGER FACED THE LIFE CHALLENGE" and "FLYING HIGH WITH EAGLE TO REACH LOVE"

Here are the complete concept of my artwork:

Human life this year got more complex and competitive. We are faced to life competition which needs strength, tenacity with care. There needed patience, carefulness, and strength to face the competition. In order to make fortune and safety always belong to us, in this metal tiger year, we should increase the power by drinking holy water or tea water from the tiger teapot figure. Teapot with tiger figure which seemed to jump represent symbol of human fight to face a challenge. The tea from the teapot represented a symbol of holy water which gave strength to face challenges in this more com
plexes life.
The artwork made by hand-buildi
ng pinching technique using stoneware, and coil and carving (sgrafitto) ornamentation technique. The artwork was burned with 12000C temperatures with antique glazed effect finishing.
The artwork height is 60 cm, with 20 cm width, and 35 cm length


Building love between man and woman is a major expectation of human being. Loving each other honesty would bring peace and happiness. All people wanted to fly high in order to get love. Eagle is a symbol of strong animal which could fly high. Two individuals who fly high riding eagle, hoped to reach pure love, so that the happiness could last forever. That’s why they wanted to fly high without any disturbance. The only one could help them is an eagle to be rode.
The teapot is made from stoneware ceramic with human figure, male and female who wanted to reach their love hope, by riding an eagle. It’s a symbol of human who reach love that made him/her felt like flying high in the sky. Teapot represented a holy water container of love which granted pure love of human if they drank it.
Technique used to make the figure is pinching, and coil and sgrafitto ornamentation. The artwork used stoneware element with antique glazed effect.
The artwork height was 30 cm, with 20 cm width, and 40 cm length.


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